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Do Women Serve As Pall Bearers At A Funeral?

Published: June 15, 2022

Traditionally, men serve as pallbearers during funerals. However, funeral pallbearers might include both men and women. If everyone in the family agrees, then it's possible for anyone to go ahead and volunteer. Although pallbearers tend to be men, there is no religious or cultural reason for it really.

Men typically have the greater physical strength and are better able to carry the casket, which can be heavy. According to the materials used to create the casket, it (along with the deceased’s remains) can weigh up to 300 pounds. Women may not be able to bring the casket to their shoulders in some situations because of the physical demands of the task.

If some can do so, women can serve as pallbearers, and there is no reason why they should not. At Affordable Funeral & Cremation, we have seen women taking up this duty at some funerals.

Who Can Act As Pallbearers?

Pallbearers aren't usually members of the deceased's family; instead, they're friends, coworkers, members of the same church, or other acquaintances. However, nowadays, pallbearers might also include members of the deceased's relatives. In accordance with tradition, a casket must have six handles and six pallbearers.

Women in this position should not be overly sentimental since this could impair their ability to handle the situation. Naturally, they must be able to bear the weight of the casket. As an honorary pallbearer, you can help carry the casket if you aren't physically able to do so. This means that you can walk either in front of or behind the casket.

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