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Tips For Dealing With Grief Around The Holidays And Special Occasions

Published: December 21, 2022

Losing a loved one is a challenge that can be met at any time, but it is incredibly arduous when faced alone. Loss and sadness can feel amplified during the holidays, and this year's season is especially poignant due to the ongoing pandemic that has claimed the lives of hundreds of people and left millions dealing with grief.

At Affordable Funeral & Cremation, we have seen that seasonal activities can be distressing reminders of a loved one’s absence. However, they can be comforting activities where we connect with our family and friends, focusing only on good memories and recapturing our sense of joy. If you are mourning the loss of loved ones this season, here are some important things to keep in mind.

Suggestions For Dealing With Grief During the Festive Season

Dealing with grief during the festive season can be challenging. Here's a list of things you could do to cope with the distress you feel:

Do Whatever Feels Right At The Time
It is entirely up to you how much you participate in specific rituals and celebrations. You are not required to do anything if it does not appear to be feasible. Maintain reasonable expectations for yourself and those around you, but always be kind to yourself.

Embrace Your Emotions

Each person has their own unique experience of loss and mourning. Some people will try to shield themselves from sadness, while others will drown in it. Some feel bad that they can't fully enjoy the holiday, and some who feel bad for being happy. Let yourself feel whatever you're feeling and embrace the ups and downs that are a natural part of life.

Get Help

Share your feelings and discuss your concerns with those close to you. Don't be afraid to be open about your plans for the holiday season this year; if you want to remember loved ones who have passed away, do so and reassure others that it's ok to feel that way.

It's important to let people know that you're willing to leave a holiday party quickly if it gets too much for you and to have a friend nearby in case you need help getting away.

Consult a Therapist

Keep an eye out for signs of depression, anxiety, or overburdened grief. Consult a health professional such as a doctor, therapist, or counselor.

You can use online communities to connect with friends and others who are grieving, as well as look into online support groups or other services offered by your workplace or religious affiliation.

Be sure to get in touch with Affordable Funeral & Cremation at your earliest convenience for assistance with dealing with grief. You can use this Contact Us form to reach out to us, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.


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