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Help A Friend As They Go Through The Stages Of Grief?

Published: January 10, 2020
by Franklin Rainear

Everyone processes grief differently, and it can be difficult for people around them to find a good way to help. Friends naturally want to offer as much comfort as they can, but sometimes their concern can be overwhelming. At Franklin H. Rainear, Jr., Affordable Funeral Services & Cremation, LLC, we have seen friends offer some much-needed support during times of intense grief. Here are some tips on how you can help:

1. Listen to Them

Denial is one of the first stages of grief. It is common for people to spend some time in disbelief, wondering if they could've done things differently. At this point, a friendly ear can make all the difference. Let your friend rant, cry, and release all pent-up emotions as much as possible.

2. Ask How You Can Help

Some people need a friend by their side; some want to just be alone for a while. It would be best if you asked people who you can help at this stage. Many grieving individuals repress everything or hide their pain from others because they don't want to be a burden. It can stop them from reaching out for help when they genuinely need it. When you offer support, it opens the channel of communication.

3. Don’t Make Unreasonable Promises

Don't promise you'll drop everything and be there for your friend if you can't commit to it. Don't promise always receiving their calls or going on a healing trip with them if you can't do that. It will cause more grief or make your friend feel lonelier.

If you want some help and assistance for arranging funerals for yourself or departed loved ones, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Franklin H. Rainear, Jr., Affordable Funeral Service & Cremation, LLC through our website or call (888) 213-4090.


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