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Cremation Vs. Burial Costs

Published: September 20, 2021
by Frankilin Rainear Jr.

Although cremation has existed for centuries, the option is not as prevalent in the US. With many people looking for less elaborate and burdensome funeral services, there is a significant amount of curiosity about cremation. At Affordable Funeral & Cremation, we have seen that many people also prefer cremation to burial because of the lower costs involved in the former.

Comparing Cremation And Burial Costs

Here we look at the cost differences between cremations and burials:

While the costs of cremation can be lower than burial, the difference may not be as substantial as many believe. This aspect will depend on the services the family chooses-whether they opt for a simple or elaborate cremation. These are some reasons cremation can cost less than a traditional burial:

- Conventional cemetery burials are typically preceded by funeral services and sometimes families conduct memorial services after. In comparison, families that opt for cremation generally prefer casual, smaller, and more straightforward services, saving them in the range of $500-$1000.

- Traditional funerals are also preceded by viewings or visitations and most families that choose cremation to skip these services. This helps save on the time and costs of hiring a funeral director for services such as makeup and hair, embalming, staffing and facility fees, etc. This can amount to savings in the range of $1500-$1700.

- Traditional burial comes with costs such as transportation and graveside services, a burial vault and burial casket, marker, opening, and closing fees, and the cost of the cemetery property. Families choosing cremation don’t have to incur these costs because they may simply scatter the decedent’s ashes at sea or place the urn with the ashes in their home. They can easily save $4000-$4500 here.

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