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How Does A Funeral Help In The Grieving Process?

Published: October 18, 2021
by Franklin Rainear Jr.

There have been funerals in some form or another for thousands of years. It has been inherent to humans, as seen by the numerous ancient burial sites that dot the globe.

Why Conduct Funerals?

Modern-day sociologists and scientists now consider funerals an essential aspect of how we live as a community. The experts at funeral director at Affordable Funeral & Cremation explains why:

1. Honoring The Life That Has Been Lived

A funeral serves as a memorial and celebration of the life lived by the person who has died. Families gather to pay tribute to the deceased, who had a profound impact on their lives. For this reason, we have funerals to commemorate the value of every human life.

2. Accepting responsibility for one's actions

Funerals help put a stop to the denial that people feel when they lose a loved one. This aspect is especially true if the death was sudden and unexpected. As a result, it helps people get over the initial stages of sorrow and begin to heal.

3. Rituals' Consistency And Familiarity

When life is chaotic and uncertain, rituals offer solace and comfort. They're significant and need the person to be physically and mentally present. People can get over their initial shock by going through this process, encouraging them to move ahead.

4. Support From Loved Ones

Funerals provide an opportunity for mourners to say their farewells and express their sorrow with friends and relatives. Stories are exchanged, and people cry, comfort one another, and provide support. This mourning process is a crucial first step in the healing process for the whole family. It makes people feel less alone in their suffering.

Those who follow a religion believe there is an afterlife and feel that by participating in religious rituals, they honor a loved one who has died. It also serves as a satisfying closure.

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